What is The AfroFest

The AfroFest is a movement that supports local African Culture makers, by building awareness about local artists and businesses that uphold African Culture on a daily basis. Our action builds towards an inclusive festival for the Heritage Weekend celebrations (24th September every year), catering for all African entertainment across Cape Town. Celebrate with us the different aspects of the African culture such as music, dance, arts, crafts, fashion and food, and support our local entrepreneurs and artists!

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Join the Festival

Are you making African culture alive on a daily basis through your work, passion and endeavors? The AfroFest would not exist without you ! Co-create the festival and boost your activitity: join the movement now and prepare for a colourful Heritage weekend!

Festival Activities

The AfroFest 2018 partners with many activators who have one thing in common : celebrating African culture. Be it through poetry, theatre, music, dancing and arts, or through their craft work, fashion or cuisine, you will have a wide selection of events to visit, for a full experience of what Pan-African culture has to offer in Cape Town!

The AfroFest Collaborations

Passionate about Africa and helping to uplift & showcase the goodness of our African Heritage in Cape Town?We believe in the vision of a modern city with a unique and vibrant African identity that honors the greatness of our continent and people.Join us and Make the ChangeCollaborate in events, build your brand as an African culture maker with the 1st city-wide Afrocentric cultural movement to support you!

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