Who we are.

We are a team of motivated promoters, from a multicultural background as diverse as South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Nigeria, as well as Europe and Asia. We believe in the beauty and strength of the cultural mix of Cape Town, and seek to create an event that pays tribute to the indigenous African art, music, craft and food culture the city has to offer.

Together we foster a set of skills comprising cultural event organization, marketing, online media advertising, and community outreach. As a team we decided to draw on our complementarity to take on the challenge of initiating a new city-wide event for Cape Town.

Our Mission.

By partnering small businesses and entrepreneurs with local visual and performance artists, we dedicate ourselves to create an experience of the city that resonates more deeply with it’s location in Africa, and properly celebrates the diverse cultures that have converged here to co-create our contemporary, shared environment.

Meet the team

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