Grounding Sessions is a poetry platform that was established and run by ‘bi Young Anitafrika, an Jamaican-Canadian dub poet at Tagore’s Observatory in 2011.
After a successful run of two years and on departure of the organiser, the platform ceased to exist.
In 2015 it was however relaunched by Cape Townian poet Roché Kester.
Grounding Sessions has since boasted 48 consecutive shows that has drawn a consistent crowd and has honed a poetry audience.

Their objectives:

*To create a space where poetry is highlighted                                                      *To unearth new talent
*To shed light on the importance of poetry in our society                                   *To create a communal space for art

Their host,Roché Kester, has been a performance poet since 2008. She is attuned to the poetry scene and has acquainted herself with most of Cape Town’s poets. Her style of hosting is a mesh of comedy and solemnness which makes her a likeable and entertaining host. She has immense passion for poetry and has made it her pursuit to elevate the art form to a measure that it is embedded in the city’s culture.

Grounding Sessions has a weekly show that currently runs from 20:30-22:00, at Cafe Ganesh in Observatory. The show’s format consists of a featured poet, open-mic platform, and a theme which the audience decides on for every show.

This year Grounding sessions will host a specially themed show as part of the Afrofest!