On the 23rd of September we are joining hands with Afrofest to share our vision of a happy, healthy continent.

There will be a farmers market and showcasing of the best of local produce, including Fynbos and herbal inspired African health products.

Then in the late afternoon of the 23rd, there is an invitation to join us around the fire to experience the Khoin-Khoi (our invited guests)  riel dance.  After the riel dance there will be a hearty traditional Potjie served, and a drum circle around the fire pit.

Know Thy Farmer is located in the Oude Molen Eco Village, a vibrant and diverse village community that provides jobs, food security and youth development to the local, neighbouring and outlying communities in the region.
The eco village is a space which has evolved from an abandoned and vandalised hospital complex into a holistic, environmentally-friendly village of micro-businesses, non-profit organisations and social enterprise services.
Come and visit this colourful community situated in the Black River area with a panoramic view of Devil’s Peak and the majestic mountain beyond.

You will find numerous metal, wood and craft enterprises, social projects, food gardens, a public swimming pool and recreation facilities, a frail care center, a farm stall café, a horse-riding school, backpacker’s accommodation and artists, musicians and film industry services.