The drawing room is that front room in the house that you use for hosting, the place you interact with friends, share food, entertain each other, draw, read, listen to music, drink coffee, booze, dance if in the mood.

In other words practice the art of socialising and merry-making.

Named for the room dedicated to entertainment in Victorian Houses, we also claim multiple interpretations. Get drawn in. Get drawn. Take a draw. Draw breath. Draw a conclusion.

Enjoy your luck of the draw. Draw interest. Be quick on the draw. Go back to the drawing board. Draw attention.


For the Afrofest 2019 the Drawing room join hands with the UCT East African Society to set up a spectacular 2 day program of East African fever!


DAY 1: 21 September

14:00- 16:00: Food Tasting & Art display & Fashion stalls

16:00- 18:00: Story-telling

18:00- 20:00: Live performances and/ or Open mic

20:00-22:30: Game (jovial)

22:30- 02:00: Music After party

DAY 2: 22 September

Film Screenings + interactive talks.

R50 ticket  per day