The East African Society is one of the largest, most diverse societies on the UCT campus.

From its humble beginnings in 1998, where only 3 countries were represented, EASOC has now grown to represent Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan. 

Their main goal is to create spaces and platforms for people to interact, learn, grow and feel connected to East African heritage and culture.

The society hosts a wide array of events ranging from game nights, soccer Saturdays, open mics or fancy Gala dinners, trust that we have it all in store for you!

AFROFEST PROGRAM: Saturday and Sunday

2 day programme – East African Wave

DAY 1: 21 September

14:00- 16:00: Food Tasting & Art display & Fashion stalls

16:00- 18:00: Story-telling

18:00- 20:00: Live performances and/ or Open mic

20:00-22:30: Game (jovial)

22:30- 02:00: Music After party

DAY 2: 22 September

Film Screenings + interactive talks.