Naledi, stage name of ElGodess was born and partially raised in Eastern Cape. From as far back as she remembers, she was coherent in speech and literate, that’s when she realized that singing and writing is of great importance in her life. In her late teens she formed part of a writers circle “Blue Skies poetries” and that’s when the performer in her came to existence.

Not so long after, she was one of a trio collective, “veNousCore (VNC)” with two fellow creatives. They recorded and released an EP accompanied by a video of one of their mellow sounds, “Time”,and performed in various stages at Ibuyambo, and “Jam that session”, to mention a few.

Time has went on and it has been about a year now. Naledi eLGodess is solo and can be caught jaming any place at a given time, moving around performing at open mics around Cape Town.

Her greatest achievements so far is coming in second at a youth talent show held at the Castle of Good Hope on June 16 2017, as well as being able to bring her guitar along with her when ever she performs.

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