Fugly Art Gallery tells the story of artists mostly from the township, who have suffered from being other-ed by society because the work they do has been deemed to be ugly or misunderstood,

“We grew up in a society of people who lack understanding of what art really is, and therefore we decided it would be best to bring the arts to the people to help them get the knowledge of “fine artists, photographers, filmmakers, beaders, craft artists” and so forth.”

The Gallery was established in 2018 by two talented South African women from the Eastern Cape. The two young creative women moved to Cape Town at different years of their lives. Nwabisa Nkonyana, 25 years of age who obtained a National Diploma and B -Tech in Fine Art at Walter Sisulu University, as well as Yolanda Rachel Sihlali who has a Diploma in Film and Television production techniques from City Varsity school of media and creative arts and is also a jewellery beader.

For this year’s Afrofest the Fugly Art Gallery Joins us on the 22 September 2019!

Program: Starts at 1pm

This is our heritage art exhibition, a showcase of Artists’ heritage through paintings and art pieces, coupled with a wine stall, food as well as a thrift stallss
“we invite you to come celebrate our heritage with us”
Entry fee:  R30 per head and R40 if you come with a partner.
Be prepared to find works that may be of interest to you that will also be available for sale.