Gary currently works as a freelance artist and teaches/facilitates art at a local N.G.O. (Observatory Neighbourhood Afterschool programme- which provides educational and cultural programmes for youth at risk and the occupational therapy department at Valkenburg Psychiatric hospital.)

He has exhibited extensively both locally and abroad including institutions and galleries.


Gary Frier’s work has a strong graphic quality which lends itself well to printmaking. He is interested in imbuing the two-dimensional image of his chosen subject with an expressive mood and personality, be it figurative or abstract. He combines contemporary and historical African elements and juxtaposes masks, fabric detail and colour with urban figures and wildlife. His themes and subjects are inspired by photography as well as the art and craft of cultures that live or have lived close to nature. He finds inspiration in many forms of media and says that his art is a about emotive reflection of his place in the world.

His work will be on show at one of the AfroFest 2019 venues!

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