Kilfrod aka Tatenda Nyangah, is a Zimbabwean natural born artist who expressed interest in art at the tender age of six. During his kindergarten years, in the early 90’s, he had already begun working with pencil drawings. To him, art comes naturally; hence most of the techniques he employs are self-taught.

Continuing through primary school and on through high school, he specialized in pencil work, sketching his relatives, friends and drawing still objects as well. It was at this juncture that he discovered that he could also create objects and scenery from memory.

In the year 2005 after high school, an uncle who was aware of his talent in art, bought me canvases, paints, brushes, an easel and various other artistic paraphernalia as a birthday gift– and he has never looked back! He quickly learned how to mix colours and also began experimenting with brush and palate knife strokes.

He is multi-talented in various techniques and experiments with several media. He creates paintings and works with charcoals as well as recycled art, the latter of which he is currently putting most of his effort into.

In his paintings he usually concentrates on texture. If you glimpse with interest at one of his paintings, you will likely be tempted to reach out and touch, feel, and to run your fingers over the surface.

That’s his style: Paintings not flat but rich with texture of bumps, humps and dents, creating the illusion he desires, so you are enticed to draw near and to feel his creation.

That’s what makes him happy: knowing that he has created something that mesmerizes viewers. ” I want to bring such feelings out of people, touching them deep down.”

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