Likhona lives in Cape Town enjoys either reading,writing or developing content for conceptual shoots.

She is a student at Bellville Technical high studying engineering but has a bigger passion for writing and media studies.
Young Likhona is also a street-wear model, storyteller,a journalist for HTS Bellville newspaper and has been featured on a local podcast ( ).

To her, culture means origin. “Culture is the core of every individuals existence. Culture is a part of us and we constantly carry it through out life,it has an effect on how we approach the world, associate, live, speak. It is a part of us. It is a past we carry into the future.”.
Likhona is inspired from daily life. She finds inspiration everywhere and most of her work is influenced by black social matters and living spaces because she is from a black African community.
Catch her at performing one of her pieces at this year’s Afrofest!!

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