Fancy some incredibly stylish African garments?

Meet Sibondha Wood!
Owner and Creator of Africa Bhuwa (“Africa Talks”) – Clothing

A proud child of Africa, Sibondha started his clothing brand ‘Africa Bhuwa’ in 2010. As a comedian working in theatre, he used a lot of costumes for different roles. The costumes given to him were usually oversized or didn’t really fit his roles and he decided to learn to tailor his own costumes using old clothes from his dad’s closet.

As a kid, Sibondha learned a lot from his mom, who used to design for a living.
He received many compliments for his creations and has been approached by Dutch footballers to design garments for them.

Sibondha designs custom garments on request and deals in sustainable fashion by buying quality, vintage garments and up-cycling them into outstanding designs.

He describes his garments as crazy and that one must have an eye to buy his creations…
Do you have the eye for it? Come and visit him any day in Observatory to find out!

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