One node of the Handmade movement is focusing on a series of South African craft class journeys (Weaving, instrument making, clay work, wood work).
Exploring the background and methods of Southern African handcrafters .

We are celebrating a living tradition. It is accessible for all, it is alive. Tradition is fexible it is dynamic, it is growing and changing with us through these processes. It is moving forward, with us.

Featuring the teaching of core traditional handcraft skill, lessons on natural indigenous materials used in crafting, participation through personal relating activities. Circle discussion over relevant topics: Culture and it’s value, belonging, importance of the act of creation.

Who are we aiming for? Anyone who has hands and wants to teach them a skill of creation. Teach them the history of us African people. The joys and fun creating craft brings. The connection to one another it brings.
Specifably it would be an achievement if youth attend this. Especially Xhosa youth as this knowledge runs in there blood and it’s an opportunity to visit it.

For the Afrofest, on the 22nd and 24th of September, Handmade will organize a basket weaving workshop with master weavers. The class will be a privileged space for the transmission of an ancestral knowledge. Join in the journey and partake in this exchange of its own.

Booking is essential: only 6 learners for this session!


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