Metabolism, aka Metabs’, discovered hip hop, as well as the art of writing rhymes, when he moved from the township to study at S.A.C.S Junior School, where a boarding scholar threw an original tape of Snoop Doggy Dogs, Doggy Style, his way. After listening to the album, he discovered that he had the talent to out-write the artist he listened to, and therefore began to dive deep into his head and focused on scripting. He had come from many names like Big Stinx, from the group Skunk Squad, Renegade, Baslik lofoflow until finally, the name, Metabolism was born.

In 1999 leading towards 2000, he met up with Loxionism, from the popular radio show Headwarmers’, whom he exchanged tapes with, and they discovered that they had similar interests. They then began to meet on a regular basis, exchanging freestyles together. He was then introduced to, what was to become, his first group called, Skunk Squad. They proceeded to do numerous performances around Khayelitsha, while also being instrumental in forming park jams in Khayelitsha, called Real Hip Hop. The park jams attracted artists from not only Khayelitsha, but from around most townships including: Mitchells Plain, Gugulethu and Langa as well as artists from the CBD. After much success of the events, he sought further challenges, and went solo until 2003, when he teamed up with an old school mate and formed Nomadic Lyricists. They were further joined by former member Synchronize, Synthetic, Speech, Chrysanthemum and Paradox. With an industrial sound and hard lyrics, the group went on to record two singles, and the name changed to Platoon Dungeon Dwellas. The group became stagnant and he moved on, to team up with Saturn, a genius in music production, and they worked on his first solo project, called T.O.L.E in 2005. With the assistance of Big Dre, one of the founders of Headwarmers’, he was inspired to work with the DJ, that introduced him to a vast amount of music, and thus the ultimate journey into music began. Later that year, he was involved in what was to be a mixtape, but lead to the formation of the formidable group Writers Block, alongside: Mingus, Vernon Viscus, Konfab, Arsenic, King Coco from Germany, Saturn and Big Dre. The group made a huge impact in Cape Town with the classic track: Writers Block, which catapulted them into one of the best groups in Cape Town, as well as South Africa, in the underground market. As a solo artist, he has worked hard at producing his EP called 6ixpack, which was released in 2010. He has also been involved on a lot of mixtapes with his group, producing Conjured Concepts, as well as the Writers Block EP: Brainstorm.

In 2010, Metabs’ decided to step into the realm of DJ’ing, and currently forms part of the Uppercut Crew, where he hosts and deejays at the weekly Uppercut parties, at The Waiting Room (Long Street). He also forms part of the duo, Selective Hearing, who showcases weekly, at a Touch of Madness, where you can expect some lounge, boombap, and easy hip hop, at an event called Touchdown Saturdays. Metabs’ has played all over Cape Town, at various parties: from the Mash Tun, Forex, Waiting Room, as well as at Fiction, Jimmy Jamalo, Jo’burg Bar and TrenchTown, to name but a few.

Metabs has made his entrance into the world of Cape Town Markets and Festivals, where he is a regular feature at the City Bowl Market. He has also played at the Log Jam & Muizenberg mini-beach Festival, as well as at the after party, for the Art Fair.

Recently, Metabs showcased at Ukhamba Brewery’s Official Grand Opening, and he is fast becoming a regular feature at Yours Truly in Kloof Street. He is also scheduled to showcase at the upcoming AFRO FEST in September 2017.
Not only is he a DJ, but he is a seasoned performer/emcee too, as he forms part of the hip hop crew called, Writer’s Block – please see his soundcloud page for more information

To describe Metabs’ purely as a hip hop DJ, would be an injustice to his talent, as he can veer into many genres of music, and thus considers himself more of a musical selector, as opposed to a DJ.