The Afrofest is a collaborative festival. We are not a funded festival and we rely on all participants’ contributions to make this grass-roots festival a successful experience for all. Organizers, venues are to be honored for their efforts in hosting events. This is in contrast with most centralized festivals, so please keep in mind the format difference.

Furthermore, we as the AfroFest do not pay the artist/ performer directly. The payment arrangement is negotiated between the venue or activator and artist/performer they choose to work with for their particular event.

Finally, because we market you the artist on our website (individual web profile with all information), as well as on social media for a minimum 6 month period, we ask that the artists/ performers charge a reduced fee to the AfroFest participating partners. They are often small enterprises, which do not have high financial capacity.

The AfroFest is first and foremost about pushing forward all actors of African culture in Cape Town, and we believe this can only be achieved through uniting our efforts. We hope to you count in!


Sign up process – Artists

Step 1: You sign up to collaborate with The Afrofest to contribute to an event by e-mailing ( theafrofest [at] gmail [dot] com) us your bio, pics and links of what you do.

Step 2: If you fit the the African Culture theme, we set up your website profile and integrate you in our database for event organizers and venues. You are also given their details for direct contact and arrangements nearer to the festival days.


What you gain:

  • – You become a part of the pool of Afrofest artists and performers
  • – You get a website profile with all relevant information according to you that run for a period of no less than 6 months.
  • – You gain connections to venues/organizers for potential gigs for heritage weekend and beyond.
  • – You are featured on our social media platforms and other marketing materials (programs, flyers etc).

What we expect from you:

Because we do not charge you for any of the above benefits, we ask you the following:

  • – Perform at a reduced rate for the venues/activators that you contact or contact you.
  • – Promote the afrofest event on your social media as well as yourself as part of the Afrofest on the months leading up to the festival.